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Abigail’s 40th Birthday Fundraiser

April 9, 2021

Abigail has been a monthly supporter for 10 years and instead of throwing a big party this weekend with presents, cake and sparklers, she’s donating her birthday to 10ThousandWindows.

“For my 40th birthday, in lieu of gifts I am asking friends and family to donate to this remarkable ministry. God has blessed me exceedingly and abundantly and I have everything that I need. A wonderful husband, two young boys, and my freedom.

“Instead of receiving material gifts for my birthday, I want to give the gift of awareness on real global issues like sex trafficking and modern-day slavery.

“Thank you 10ThousandWindows for all that you do in helping, restoring and empowering countless lives through your program.”

Want to contribute to Abigail’s 40th birthday bash? Donate below to give restoration, empowerment, and hope to human trafficking survivors.



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