Fighting Slavery on the Frontlines of COVID-19: Mimi’s Story As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Philippines, Mimi, found herself in lockdown and fighting slavery on the frontlines of COVID-19. As the social worker for 10ThousandWindows, she began working from home in an area of Cebu City where the virus was rampant. Suddenly everything she took […]

Joshua’s fight for freedom

The COVID-19 pandemic put Joshua* at risk of being exploited again, but your support intervened and helped him fight for freedom.   When he was a boy, Joshua was a victim of sexual abuse, robbed of the joy and freedom of an uncomplicated childhood. A few years later, his mother died, leaving Joshua an orphan. […]

You Spread Hope In a Pandemic

Your generosity to our COVID-19 Crisis response has spread hope in a pandemic. For the first time in her life, Maryel* secured a good job in November 2019. She had suffered exploitation, and it had taken her years of support from 10ThousandWindows to overcome trauma, gain workplace skills, and find employment. Maryel was finally in […]

What Motivates Janice

Meet Janice, one of 10ThousandWindows’ dedicated staff members who is restoring the lives of survivors of trafficking and modern slavery in the Philippines.

Leah’s Story

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You empowered Ana who was vulnerable to trafficking

Ana was vulnerable to trafficking. But before she could be exploited, she was introduced to 10ThousandWindows. Like many women in the Philippines, Ana* married young and was forced to leave high school early to help support her family. But she found herself struggling to find work that would pay the bills.  Because the Philippine job […]

Jonna is restoring the lives of human trafficking survivors

Jonna serving trafficking vicitms

Meet Jonna. As the Country Director of 10ThousandWindows in the Philippines, Jonna is dedicated to restoring the lives of survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. Q: What motivates you and keeps you going every day working with survivors of human trafficking and exploitation? Jonna: Our clients express a concrete need for our services. That ‘need’ […]

Your gifts helped Valerie break the cycle of exploitation

Valerie labor trafficking malaysia

When Valerie arrived in Malaysia for a new job, she quickly learned her employer had tricked her into trafficking. Your generosity helped set her free. Raised by her grandmother and aunt, Valerie* delayed her dream of going to college to help provide for her family. In high school, she was a talented musician who often […]

Janice Restoring Lives

Janice’s Story

Q and A with Janice, Deputy Country Director, Philippines

From what motivates her every day, to how she helps restore the lives of trafficking victims – quality time with Janice, 10ThousandWindows Deputy Country Director. Q: What motivates you in your work? A: I am motivated knowing that the impact of our work in every survivor’s life can affect future generations. Their children and grandchildren […]