Client Dignity

The spirit in which we work is just as important as the program itself.
Client dignity is at the core of everything we do.

10ThousandWindows' work in the Philippines was a direct response to the stories and feedback we heard from survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. To this day, we are motivated and driven to include survivor voice in developing our programs and services and in our organizational ethos.  

Our Core Principles of Client Dignity


We are committed to serving survivors of trafficking, slavery, and exploitation in a spirit of empathy, humility, and kindness.  

Survivor Autonomy

We respect survivor autonomy. By listening to survivor voices and hearing their needs, we partner with each individual on their journey to lasting freedom, supporting them as they work to achieve their goals for their own lives. 

Ethical Communications & Storytelling

In our communications and storytelling, we honor the inherent dignity of each survivor and respect their confidentiality and privacy. Survivors themselves choose when/if to share their stories and we always gain written, informed consent. 

Learning & Excellence

We are committed to learning from survivors, partners and the sector at large about how to strengthen our work. Through Focus Group Discussions, we hear from survivors about their needs and the impact of our programs. We share resources and findings with our partners and the broader sector as part of our commitment to ensure that our programs truly serve survivors well.

We are on a mission to stop exploitation and end modern slavery.