Daniella escaped slavery forever

October 27, 2020

Daniella* vividly remembers being trafficked repeatedly by her mom and aunt when she was a young teenager. The very people responsible for helping her thrive and succeed exploited her instead.

“My life was all about pain. I thought it was endless. I did not have dreams or hope for my life.”

When Daniella came to 10ThousandWindows, she was 18 years old and bore the trauma of exploitation. She wanted a different life, free of exploitation and abuse.

Daniella received the support she needed to escape slavery forever.

She worked with her counselor to process her trauma and slowly began to dream of a future free of oppression. Daniella graduated from high school. Then she earned her social work degree from a local university through a 10ThousandWindows scholarship. Each significant milestone in Daniella’s life was made possible through the dedicated partnership of our community of donors and supporters.

“I found hope in the faces of the people who helped me rebuild my life.”

Today, Daniella is happily married and works as a social worker for the Philippines Social Welfare Department. Every day, Daniella supports and encourages impoverished families, many who are at risk of exploitation.

Daniella escaped slavery forever and now helps prevent trafficking in her own community.

“I am a different Daniella now, far from the person I was. I am proud to be able to help others who are going through the same struggles I did.”

* pseudonym to protect survivor privacy

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