Cybersex Trafficking Survivors Need Your Help

Every donation made until Giving Tuesday (December 1st) will be DOUBLED.

$100 becomes $200

Gives one survivor one month of life-changing training on trafficking awareness, career goal development, employability, and life and social skills, which will help her rebuild her life.

$250 becomes $500

Gives one trafficking survivor counseling to overcome trauma and grow in resilience.

$500 becomes $1,000

Provides scholarships and academic tutoring that helps one survivor graduate from high school, a pre-requisite for minimum-wage jobs in the Philippines.

$1,500 becomes $3,000

Gives two survivors dignified work experience for one year in safe, community-based internships so they can forge a real, sustainable career in the local marketplace.

$2,500 becomes $5,000

Supports two trafficking survivors with comprehensive restoration services so they can rebuild their lives and find lasting freedom.