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Education gives trafficking survivors sustainable freedom

October 27, 2020

Last year, 88% of survivors who took 10ThousandWindows’ education program passed their high school equivalency exams – that’s five times higher than the Philippines’ national average.

For trafficking survivors, a high school diploma provides significant protection against re-exploitation.

Most formal sector jobs in the Philippines require high school at a minimum. So when a survivor earns her high school degree, she is able to compete successfully for real, sustainable jobs in the local marketplace, and secure lasting freedom.

In 2019, 88% of survivors passed their high school equivalency exam – that’s 5x higher than the Philippines national average.

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit the Philippines, however, all in-person schooling was suspended until a vaccine is widely available. As schools went virtual, how would the human trafficking victims 10ThousandWindows serve have access to the crucial education support they need to graduate from high school?

Through the partnership of our supporters, we were able to adapt our education assistance program and continue delivering academic tutoring and support for human trafficking survivors virtually.

Over the past six months, our frontline education staff have provided virtual resources, tutoring, and counseling to survivors.

“You did not stop helping me despite the pandemic. The online education tutorials keep me busy. I am thankful that I can continue preparing for my high school exam. The support means a lot to me because it keeps me motivated and encouraged. I look forward to passing my high school exam and getting a job soon after.”

– Victoria




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