From Labor Trafficking to a Stateside Internship

May 6, 2019
10ThousandWindows client, Daniel, on an internship at Busch Gardens in Virginia.

When Daniel received word that he’d been accepted for an internship in the United States, he could hardly believe his good fortune.

And this time, it wasn’t too good to be true.

As a teen, Daniel, like many other Filipino youth, followed the siren call for work in Manila only to end up being trafficked and exploited. He was referred to 10ThousandWindows for education and employment support.

Over the past four years, Daniel has worked tirelessly towards his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration on a 10ThousandWindows scholarship. His hard work and the steadfast support of 10ThousandWindows staff have made his stateside internship possible.

“This experience has had a big, big, big impact on me. To have an internship in the most beautiful, progressive and powerful country in the world is a big opportunity for me. Not everyone is given a chance. For me, this is a big achievement.”

– Daniel, 10ThousandWindows Client currently on internship at Busch Gardens in Virginia.

During Daniel’s fourth-month internship at Busch Gardens in Virginia, he has been a park operator. While he’s enjoyed his job and meeting new friends from different countries and cultures, Daniel is also aware of how this opportunity will impact his future.

“When I finish this program, I will have practiced my English skills and improved my self-confidence. It will impact my future career because when applying for jobs, experience is the number one qualification. My experience here in USA is an asset.”


Daniel’s story is featured in the 10ThousandWindows 2018 Annual Report along with other victories and inspiring stories. 

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