Jamila's Story

Jamila’s mother and father were production workers. Though both working, it was difficult for them to provide everything that their six children needed. When she was thirteen, Jamila’s father left the family and her mother was left with all the responsibilities.

In 2007, Jamila’s family lost their home in a fire and had nowhere to relocate. Jamila longed to help provide a better shelter for her family. However hard she tried, though, no one would hire her. Interview after interview with the same result.

* * *

Jamila later gave birth to a baby boy and she knew that she needed to find a permanent and stable job to support her son. She wanted to be able to provide his basic needs, like milk and clothing, but it seemed impossible.

Jamila’s social worker introduced her to 10ThousandWindows. She learned that every day is a new beginning and the decisions she makes will lead her to where she wants to be. She made her poverty and her family her motivation to excel.

At 10ThousandWindows, Jamila developed a professional resume and learned how to compete in an interview process. She was then referred to a local company where she earned a job as a Junior Data Analyst. She can now provide for her son; she is preparing for her son’s education and is excited to help him become what he wants to be. She believes that God guided her to 10ThousandWindows and says she never expected for this blessing to come to her life. Jamila believes that God’s timing is perfect.

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21 years old / Junior Data Analyst


20 years old / Junior Data Analyst