Jenna's Story

Jenna is the eldest of three siblings. Her father worked as a bus driver to provide for his family of five until one fateful day when an accident left him paralyzed. Her mother tried selling food on the side of the road to keep the family fed, but it wasn’t enough, and the family’s debt began to grow.

When Jenna turned 17, she became pregnant and stopped attending school. She did not receive any support from her child’s father which left her supportive family in an even more difficult state financially, and their debt continued to grow.

* * *

When Jenna’s social worker referred her to 10 Thousand Windows, she joined the Job Readiness Training and learned valuable skills she could use in this new chapter of her life. With a new awareness of the job market, she also realized how important it is to finish her studies. After her training, Jenna graduated high school through a 10ThousandWindows scholarship, spent a number of months working as a team leader on a production line, and then earned a second scholarship to work towards a college degree.

Jenna still has dreams of finishing college, but has put that on hold to care for her family. When her parents received an eviction notice last year, Jenna decided to postpone her schooling to look for a full-time job.

Equipped with working experience, an improved education and an impressive attitude, Jenna landed a job in one of the most established food service companies in the city. She is excited to start this new chapter in her life and while she continues to dream big for her future, she is proud today to be able to help take care of the man who took care of her.

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19 years old / Production Worker


19 years old / Product Inspector