Jordin's Story

Jordin is the eldest of seven children. As the big sister, she feels that she is responsible for the little ones. Her mother was a production worker and her father was an electrician. Neither of her parents’ jobs were permanent, though, and life was hard for their family. Her aunt offered to provide financial assistance and sent her to a private elementary school.

When her aunt got married and had her own children, she stopped supporting Jordin. She tried to transfer to a public school, but none would take her in the middle of the year. So, instead, her parents gave the school promissory notes to keep her enrolled. When her final exams came around, though, the school refused to let her take them without paying her bill. She recalls the embarrassing and sad memory of her teacher telling her to go out of the classroom because she was not able to pay. She remembers studying hard for the exam, only to sit crying in the hallway while her classmates completed it.

The family’s poverty worsened, and she began skipping meals so her younger siblings could eat. She managed to find work as a cashier in a Korean Restaurant and wondered if she would be there for the rest of her life. Could the few dollars she made each day sustain her siblings?

* * * 

When Jordin heard about 10ThousandWindows, she saw an opportunity to change her life for the better. She was encouraged by her Career Coach to be hopeful about her future. She enjoyed being in training and learned the soft skills she needs for the workplace.

10ThousandWindows referred her to a business process outsourcing company and she currently enjoys her job as a Junior Data Analyst. She believes that as an employee, she plays an essential role in meeting the company’s mission. She is motivated to perform well in the workplace. Jordin said that she is looking forward to the company’s growth. From her salary, she was able to give capital for her mother to co-own a small street-side restaurant. She is also financially supporting the education of her siblings.

“I had no direction and I had no idea what I want to do with my life. Then I met people who placed their faith in me and what I can become. I am not the person that I am now without your help. Thank you for your support.”

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