Joshua reclaims his dreams, future, and freedom with your help

June 24, 2021

Joshua journey to freedom

Since we first shared Joshua’s* story last year, he has made huge strides on his journey to freedom. As a child, Joshua was victimized by sexual abuse. Now, he is reclaiming his dreams and his future.

Over the past 15 months, the Philippines has been in varying stages of lockdown. Hundreds of survivors, including Joshua, have struggled to find work to support themselves and their families. During this time, Joshua’s counselor checked in with him regularly and introduced him to employers who were hiring.

Determined to find a good job, Joshua persisted. 

Without a car or a motorbike and with public transit limited due to the pandemic, Joshua walked. He often walked miles at a time in the tropical heat to submit his job applications.

He never gave up hope.

After months of job hunting in the worst hiring environment the Philippines has seen in decades, Joshua was hired by one of the Philippines’ largest food companies!

He did not get this job by accident.

Joshua worked hard and he believed in himself. And every step of the way, he had the unfailing support of his care team and the donors and supporters who make this work possible.

“My work has helped me a lot. I am grateful for the work opportunity. I learned the importance of being hardworking, being on time, and knowing how to relate well with others at work. It has helped me address my financial and personal needs. I also learned to value the money I earn, and I learned how to budget it well.” – Joshua

A good job is just the beginning…

A few weeks ago, five months after starting at his post, Joshua found an even better opportunity – all on his own.

“Working for the company was a big achievement for me. It proved me wrong about my thoughts of not coping with the demands of work.”

When we walk the journey of restoration with survivors like Joshua, we get to see this type of transformation. Survivors like Joshua come to believe in themselves, find their voice and pursue their dreams.

“I have a very simple dream. I want to be financially independent. I want to support myself.”

Thank you for being part of Joshua’s future that is full of possibility, freedom, and potential.

*Name and image changed for survivor privacy

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