Kayla's Story

Kayla is the sixth of twelve siblings.  It was difficult for her parents to take care of all the needs of their children.

Kayla describes her childhood as happy and simple.  Because of the family’s situation, she recalls having only two notebooks every school year. She had eight subjects, so she divided each notebook to four.

* * *

Kayla was introduced to 10ThousandWindows by a social worker and was immediately interested because she wanted to provide for her family’s needs.

During her training, Kayla learned about professionalism and how to save money. In her current job as a Junior Data Analyst, she aims to always come to work early to show her commitment. She loves her work environment. She’s earning a good salary and is able to provide for her daughter.

“Thank you so much for your commitment to help people like us. There are many girls like me who are still struggling. I hope that you continue to reach out so they could also get the opportunities that I have had…I am excited to go to work and I have joy.  I never expected that I will be able to achieve what I have now. Thank you for your help, I have surpassed my expectations for myself.”

Open a window of opportunity for others like Kayla.

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21 years old/Production Worker


28 years old/Junior Data Analyst