Lisa's Story

Lisa was adopted as an infant. The couple already had nine children when they took her in. When she was one year old, her adoptive mother died and her adoptive father remarried and left her in the care of her brothers and sisters. Her siblings also struggled to earn money and most of the time she was left alone in the house with nothing to eat. Some of her neighbors gave her left-overs to sustain her.

Lisa’s relatives saw how difficult their situation was and she began to move from one relative to another. When she was eight years old, she was able to start school but was frequently asked to skip classes to sell vegetables at the market. She did not want to skip school but her relatives told her that no one got rich by going to school. In spite of their cynicism, Lisa managed to finish her high school education.

* * *

Years later Lisa was a single mother of two. She wanted to be for her children everything she longed for in a mother growing up. She just needed the right window of opportunity. When 10ThousandWindows provided it, she took full advantage. She learned how to set goals and plans with her Career Coach, received valuable training about succeeding in the local workplace, and learned how to apply for a job.

Lisa was referred to a local BPO company and she works there as a Junior Data Analyst. She is very happy where she is now and says she is earning well for her family’s needs. She used to look down on herself but now she sees how blessed she is. Lisa is living independently with her two children and she hired a baby sitter who takes care of the children while she is at work.

Lisa showers her children with love and spends quality time with them. They go to the beach and the mall. Lisa is saving for her children’s education and for a house. She is very happy and satisfied with what she has accomplished so far. She is performing well at work and recently got an award for excellence.

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