Marcus's Story

Marcus is the fifth of 10 siblings. His father worked as a freelance carpenter, and rarely had jobs. Marcus’ mother helped by selling cigarette and candy on the sidewalk near the plaza.

Marcus clearly remembers eating only once a day in his childhood, but despite poverty, Marcus was determined to pursue his education even if it meant he had to work. When he was eight years old, he would ask the neighbors to let him work odd jobs so he could buy food. He would clean the neighbor’s house and water another neighbor’s garden for $1 per week.

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When Marcus got to 10ThousandWindwows, he learned the skills he needed to land a job that could help him provide for his family. According to Marcus, he did not know how to take care of himself and was not presentable. The training made him realize that personal grooming is important. Before training, his plans were scattered but through the help of Career Coaching, he says he learned to make better decisions.

He now works as an Assistant Manager in a small assembly facility and is earning more than minimum wage. He has earned so much respect from his boss, he is sometimes asked to supervise up to 20 production workers at once. His favorite part of the job is making the reports and he is very glad to have had the opportunity to lead others in the workplace.

Now that he is a father to a beautiful baby girl, he is more motivated than ever to perform well. He is happy that he is now in a good position to provide for his own family. He also financially supports the education of his younger siblings. He wants them to finish their education so that they can provide for themselves like he is now.

“I have learned a lot about leadership. I have learned that a leader’s job description is not to punish people when they make mistakes but serve and inspire them to give their best.”

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