August 13, 2020

Fighting Slavery on the Frontlines of COVID-19: Mimi’s Story

Mimi pictured in the 10ThousandWindows Cebu office before the pandemic.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Philippines, Mimi, found herself in lockdown and fighting slavery on the frontlines of COVID-19. As the social worker for 10ThousandWindows, she began working from home in an area of Cebu City where the virus was rampant.

Suddenly everything she took for granted ground to a halt. Even simple things – like accessing the internet, picking up groceries, and reloading her phone with minutes so she could make calls for work – were difficult. 

Mimi found herself managing stress about her own health alongside the anxieties of the survivors she serves.

“There were rumours of the virus circulating through a neighborhood school in April. I was worried because my house is just two doors away.”

But even as she faced her own challenges, the hardships survivors experienced kept Mimi up at night. They also kept her going. 

“Clients expressed financial concerns, loss of income, sick family members, suicidal ideation. It was hard and challenging.” 

To stay hopeful and encouraged as she fought slavery on the frontlines of COVID-19, Mimi talked with her family, checked in often with her 10ThousandWindows supervisor, and attended online church services.

“As I heard from my roommates and also clients that they do not have a source of income, it has made me grateful for the things I do have, especially my work with 10ThousandWindows. I strongly believe this position was meant for me. I intentionally serve survivors with respect and individuality.”

With the support of our generous partners and donors, we were able to intervene in the lives of hundreds of survivors of trafficking and exploitation during the dark days of the pandemic. Together, we are defeating the pervasive evil of modern slavery and bringing real freedom that lasts.

Learn more about our COVID-19 Crisis Response


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