Stories of restoration and freedom

Supporter Spotlight – Collin Chan

Collin has been a monthly donor to 10ThousandWindows since 2014! Without the dedicated generosity of our donors, our work restoring the lives of human trafficking

Daniella Escape slavery

Daniella escaped slavery forever

Daniella* vividly remembers being trafficked repeatedly by her mom and aunt when she was a young teenager. The very people responsible for helping her thrive

Taking Strides Against Slavery

One family’s mission to take strides against slavery When Jamie Mikol of Knoxville, TN heard about Stride Against Slavery, she thought it was the perfect

Claire’s Story

In the dark early days of the pandemic, you gave Claire hope In the darkest days of the pandemic, 10ThousandWindows supporters were a lifesaving force


Fighting Slavery on the Frontlines of COVID-19: Mimi’s Story As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Philippines, Mimi, found herself in lockdown and fighting slavery on