Challenge Yourself.
Challenge Slavery.

Stride Against Slavery

What is Stride Against Slavery?

Stride Against Slavery is a virtual community challenge that takes strides to end modern slavery by raising crucial funds to restore the lives of trafficking victims. 

Challenge Yourself to Challenge Slavery

Run, walk, skate, scoot, row, dance – how you move is up to you! Together, we can take strides against slavery and restore the lives of human trafficking victims in the Philippines, which is a hotbed for slavery. 

Ready, Set, Go!

Register for Stride Against Slavery by making a $50 donation ($75 for a family). 

Set your mileage goal that you intend to complete during Stride Against Slavery. 

Challenge yourself to run, walk, or bike your entire mileage goal during the Stride Against Slavery week. 

Multiply your impact! Set up a fundraising page for Stride Against Slavery. 

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