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Taking Strides Against Slavery

August 13, 2020

One family’s mission to take strides against slavery

Jamie taking strides against slavery
Jamie Mikol and her family get active while taking strides against slavery.

When Jamie Mikol of Knoxville, TN heard about Stride Against Slavery, she thought it was the perfect opportunity to get her family involved and raise awareness about human trafficking by taking strides against slavery.

“In the middle of a pandemic I can’t even fathom what these women who have worked so hard for a job, only to be let go, are going through. Stride Against Slavery seemed like a great way to not only help them out in a time of need, but also get our family outside more.” – Jamie

Between June 15-21 2020, Jamie and her family joined 100 other Stride Against Slavery participants who ran, walked, biked, and rowed hundreds of miles to support human trafficking victims impacted by the pandemic. Jamie took it a step further, setting up a GoFundMe page to raise additional funds for survivors.

“This was a perfect time to try and help others when our family was in a really blessed position.”

“I thought this was a perfect time to try and help others when our family was in a really blessed position,” she said. “What made me feel for these modern slavery victims at this time was the fact that they’ve gotten out of the trafficking system, learned how to find and perform a job and improved their lives for themselves and their children, only to have an unexpected pandemic ruin their success. As a mom, I felt for them. All we want is to be able to provide for our kids and keep them safe.”

Mark your calendars for May 10-16 for Stride Against Slavery 2021.



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