Education gives trafficking survivors sustainable freedom

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Last year, 88% of survivors who took 10ThousandWindows’ education program passed their high school equivalency exams – that’s five times higher than the Philippines’ national average. For trafficking survivors, a high school diploma provides significant protection against re-exploitation. Most formal sector jobs in the Philippines require high school at a minimum. So when a survivor […]

Leah is helping trafficking survivors graduate from high school

Meet Leah, one of our amazing frontline staff members who helps trafficking survivors graduate from high school. In the Philippines, a high school diploma is the difference between a human trafficking survivor being competitive in the workforce, or constantly struggling to secure gainful employment. 10ThousandWindows’ Education Program supports survivors as they study to earn their […]

You empowered Ana who was vulnerable to trafficking

Ana was vulnerable to trafficking. But before she could be exploited, she was introduced to 10ThousandWindows. Like many women in the Philippines, Ana* married young and was forced to leave high school early to help support her family. But she found herself struggling to find work that would pay the bills.  Because the Philippine job […]

Education That Changed a Family’s Future: Daniel’s Story

A smile spreads across Daniel’s face as 10ThousandWindows’ Education Program Manager awards him a scholarship for his fourth and final year of university. By the end of the year, Daniel will graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, making him the first person in his family to attend and finish college. Sonya, Daniel’s mother, […]