Joanna’s Journey to Empowerment

Earlier this summer, Joanna (name changed to protect her privacy) and 47 other survivors of trafficking, violence, and exploitation graduated from our Skills Training and Empowerment Program. STEP, as we call it for short, is a three-month program that digs into each survivor’s story and their hopes and dreams for the future. Most of the […]

Cybersex Trafficking and Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has spiked cybersex trafficking in the Philippines. Victims urgently need our help.

Education gives trafficking survivors sustainable freedom

education support goes virutal

Last year, 88% of survivors who took 10ThousandWindows’ education program passed their high school equivalency exams – that’s five times higher than the Philippines’ national average. For trafficking survivors, a high school diploma provides significant protection against re-exploitation. Most formal sector jobs in the Philippines require high school at a minimum. So when a survivor […]

Daniella escaped slavery forever

Daniella Escape slavery

Daniella* vividly remembers being trafficked repeatedly by her mom and aunt when she was a young teenager. The very people responsible for helping her thrive and succeed exploited her instead. “My life was all about pain. I thought it was endless. I did not have dreams or hope for my life.” When Daniella came to […]

Leah is helping trafficking survivors graduate from high school

Meet Leah, one of our amazing frontline staff members who helps trafficking survivors graduate from high school. In the Philippines, a high school diploma is the difference between a human trafficking survivor being competitive in the workforce, or constantly struggling to secure gainful employment. 10ThousandWindows’ Education Program supports survivors as they study to earn their […]


Fighting Slavery on the Frontlines of COVID-19: Mimi’s Story As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Philippines, Mimi, found herself in lockdown and fighting slavery on the frontlines of COVID-19. As the social worker for 10ThousandWindows, she began working from home in an area of Cebu City where the virus was rampant. Suddenly everything she took […]