Fighting Slavery on the Frontlines of COVID-19: Mimi’s Story As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Philippines, Mimi, found herself in lockdown and fighting slavery on the frontlines of COVID-19. As the social worker for 10ThousandWindows, she began working from home in an area of Cebu City where the virus was rampant. Suddenly everything she took […]

Jonna is restoring the lives of human trafficking survivors

Jonna serving trafficking vicitms

Meet Jonna. As the Country Director of 10ThousandWindows in the Philippines, Jonna is dedicated to restoring the lives of survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. Q: What motivates you and keeps you going every day working with survivors of human trafficking and exploitation? Jonna: Our clients express a concrete need for our services. That ‘need’ […]

Q and A with Janice, Deputy Country Director, Philippines

From what motivates her every day, to how she helps restore the lives of trafficking victims – quality time with Janice, 10ThousandWindows Deputy Country Director. Q: What motivates you in your work? A: I am motivated knowing that the impact of our work in every survivor’s life can affect future generations. Their children and grandchildren […]