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Thea Was a Victim of Cybersex Trafficking

November 9, 2020

Thea's dreams for her life were crushed by the nightmare of cybersex trafficking.

Exploited by a trusted friend

“I was scared, nervous, and confused. I did not know what to do. I felt so much pressure.”

Thea, cybersex trafficking victim

Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, the Philippines was the epicenter of the global cybersex trafficking trade. Now, economic shutdowns and community quarantines have caused cybersex trafficking to spike exponentially. 

Most often, victims of cybersex trafficking are exploited and abused by those they trust the most – like Thea and her friend’s mom. 

Thea restoration

Thea is now supported by 10ThousandWindows, but her trauma is deep. 

Not only did the photos and videos of Thea circulate in online cybersex trafficking rings, they were also leaked out on social media. Thea was unable to finish high school because of the shame, taunting, and bullying she experienced from her classmates. 

To rebuild her life Thea needs counseling and support to finish her high school diploma (a prerequisite for minimum-wage work in the Philippines) and access to a real, sustainable job. 

Thea dreams of working in a real office building at a Philippines call center. She desperately wants a life free of exploitation. 

Restoring the lives of cybersex trafficking victims is a big mission. But, when we work together, we can restore Thea’s life and help her find lasting safety, freedom, and hope. 

Give now and help restore Thea and other victims of cybersex trafficking.

This is a true story. Due to the sensitivity of this account, the survivor’s name and image have been changed. 



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