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You empowered Ana who was vulnerable to trafficking

February 26, 2020

Ana was vulnerable to trafficking. But before she could be exploited, she was introduced to 10ThousandWindows.

Like many women in the Philippines, Ana* married young and was forced to leave high school early to help support her family. But she found herself struggling to find work that would pay the bills. 

Because the Philippine job market is limited for people who lack a high school education, Ana found it impossible to find a good job. Her only options were low-paid, low-skilled, and potentially exploitative work. 

Ana was at risk and vulnerable to trafficking. But before she could take a job that was “too good to be true”, Ana was introduced to 10ThousandWindows. 

“I never imagined that there are people who would want to help me knowing how bad my previous experiences were,” she says. 

Because of the support of 10ThousandWindows donors, Ana was able to earn her high school diploma. She says the hands-on support of 10ThousandWindows counselors, social workers, and tutors made the difference for her. 

“What I liked the most was the close monitoring,” she says. “Despite the heavy traffic in Cebu, 10ThousandWindows staff took their time to visit me at home. I appreciated the non-stop support. The tutoring sessions helped me feel more confident when taking my exam.”

Right after graduating from high school, Ana was hired at a local IT company. As she showed up to work every day and received her paychecks, Ana saw that she could successfully achieve her goals. 

Today, Ana works at a shop in a local mall and no longer requires assistance from 10ThousandWindows. She is determined to remain financially independent.

“I’m ready to work hard for myself, for my future, for my family,” she says.

Ana is now in a position to save up money to take her next big step – whether that’s pursuing a college education, starting a business, or doing something else entirely. No matter Ana’s next step, though, it will be free of exploitation, and that was made possible by our donors and partners.

*Name changed to protect survivor privacy


Written by Mike Strauss | Photo by Jacob Maentz



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