Wenda's Story

Wenda is the second of four siblings.  Her father was a mechanic and the breadwinner of the family. When her father died, she promised him that she would take care of the family.  Her dream? A place that her family could one day call their own. Wenda was determined to find a job so she could fulfill her promise.

Wenda needed a stable job to provide for her mother, brothers and her two children, but she was met with frustration when she kept interviewing and losing job opportunities to college graduates. It seemed like fulfilling her promise was impossible.

* * *

Wenda’s social worker encouraged her to join the training at 10ThousandWindows. She used to look down on herself, but during the training, she learned to trust in her skills and abilities.

10ThousandWindows endorsed Wenda to a local BPO Company as a Junior Data Analyst.  She is now earning above minimum wage and she feels respected and valued in the workplace.  She said that they are not only treated as professionals but as family. Wenda is now able to provide for herself, her family and her children.  She wants her son and daughter to be raised in a worry-free and loving household.

“I am currently working on the house that I have always wanted to give to my mother as a token of my appreciation for all the sacrifices that she has endured to raise me.  I am filled with joy as I am fulfilling my promise to my father, one little piece at a time.”

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21 years old/Junior Data Analyst


28 years old/Junior Data Analyst