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Wildflowers book to feature stories of 10ThousandWindows survivors

November 19, 2019

“10ThousandWindows and the job readiness training helped me a lot because if I look back at my life before – it’s not the same. Before, I had nowhere to go, I was just staying in our house in the slum. So when I come to think about it, I am very lucky.”

Jonnabel was introduced to 10ThousandWindows by a friend and graduate of our job-readiness training program, after a history of frightening encounters in both drug and human trafficking. Through our holistic, client-centered approach, Jonnabel was able to complete her degree in Mass Communications and land a job that was meaningful, dignified and well-paid. Excitingly, her story doesn’t end there, because we’re in it for the long-term.

You can read Jonnabel’s full story, and those of many others who have been impacted directly by the work of 10Thousand Windows by getting yourself a copy or two of Belinda Ramirez’s coffee table book, Wildflowers, which shares them alongside beautiful, dignified photography within its pages.

Please support the campaign to bring Wildflowers the book to print, by pre-ordering copies, selecting some great perks, or making a donation below before the 15th of December (otherwise you’ll miss out!): www.pozible.com/user/belinda-r 

Because when you support Wildflowers, you support 10ThousandWindows, with a portion of profits going to our economic empowerment program in the Philippines where survivors and those vulnerable to trafficking receive skills-training, career counseling, education scholarships, and job readiness training.

We are seeing people’s lives, in fact, whole communities transform before our eyes – and can’t wait for you to see it yourself in the pages of Wildflowers.

Support the campaign today by setting up an account on pozible, searching for Wildflowers and donating to the cause: www.pozible.com/user/belinda-r 



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