Slavery and human trafficking exists

Working hand-in-hand with survivors, our community of partners, and supporters like you, we are confronting exploitation at its root and empowering real freedom that lasts.

Every year 40+ million people are sucked into an evil cycle of exploitation, enslaved and trafficked by exploiters who prey on the vulnerable. And every year survivors fall back into the vicious cycle of slavery once again because they don’t have what they need to secure freedom that lasts.

But we believe every person deserves freedom. Forever.

10ThousandWindows confronts modern slavery at its root, to empower real freedom that lasts. We restore the lives of survivors of trafficking, exploitation, and slavery, and help each individual find lasting freedom.

Restore LIVES

We empower victims of sex trafficking, domestic servitude, and other forms of exploitation, by providing holistic counseling and psychosocial support. We help each survivor overcome trauma and reclaim control over their lives, and walk with them until they are restored, resilient, and hopeful.

Educate & train Survivors

We equip survivors of slavery and trafficking with the tools and skills they need to compete in the workforce. Through scholarships for high school and college, and workplace readiness training, we help survivors develop the core skills and confidence they need to successfully secure real, sustainable jobs.

Real Jobs, Lasting Freedom

We help survivors attain real, sustainable jobs and break free from the evil cycle of exploitation once and for all. By providing career counseling, screening companies for labor practices, referring survivors to safe businesses, and training corporate leaders on trauma and mental health in the workplace, we forge lasting freedom for survivors.

By attacking the critical vulnerabilities that keep victims of trafficking ensnared in slavery, we help survivors acquire real, sustainable jobs so they can provide for themselves, support their families, and break free of the evil cycle of exploitation once and for all.

Our impact

Restore & Empower


of survivors are achieving their goals. 

Educate & Train


of survivors we have served since 2010 have graduated from high school.

EMPLOYment for Lasting Freedom


of survivors were employed within two months of starting their job search in 2019.


of survivors sustained employment for more than three months. 

“We were singers, but there weren't any audiences."

When Valerie arrived in Malaysia for a new job, she quickly learned her employer had tricked her into trafficking. 

Give survivors lasting freedom today.