Here Is How Your Support Helps Survivors Soar

March 18, 2019

A growing number of survivors at 10KW are developing such resilience, independence, and strength, that they want to help others like them!

Just the other week, 15 survivors of violence and exploitation who are now well on their way to financial security met at the 10KW Philippines office to share what economic empowerment means to them and how they might mentor and encourage others along the way.

Malaya, a 10KW client, sketched the picture below, and shared the following with the group:

“This globe symbolizes us. The hands represent the people who have helped us reach where we are right now. This picture means that we can’t just soar in our comfort zones. We need to reach out to one another so that we can help each other. We started fighting. We heal. We pray. We hope. We stand again. We soar.”

We soar! 

Empowering survivors of violence and exploitation to stay safe and free is truly a community effort. Thank you for helping women and men stand again and providing the support they need to continue to soar!

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