Our Belief

We believe in helping survivors of violence and exploitation live safe, free and hopeful lives – because lifelong suffering and oppression of the poor is unacceptable.

Our Action

We do so by reaching out with trust and dignity to those who have been exploited, working with them to achieve financial freedom and self-sufficiency.

Our Goal

456 windows opening
174 windows opened

What is a Window?

  • Lisa

    Lisa was adopted as an infant. The couple already had nine children when they took her in. When she was one year old, her adoptive mother died and her adoptive father remarried…

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  • Charmaine

    Charmaine grew up without a mother. The eighth of nine siblings, Charmaine recalls being left in the care of her ten-year-old brother at age five. Her father’s work required him to be away…

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  • Jordin

    Jordin is the eldest of seven children. As the big sister, she feels that she is responsible for the little ones. Her mother was a production worker and her father was an electrician…

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How you can help

Open windows of life-changing opportunity for survivors of trafficking and exploitation.