Every person deserves freedom. Forever.


10ThousandWindows confronts modern slavery at its root, to empower real freedom that lasts. We restore the lives of survivors of trafficking, exploitation, and slavery, helping each individual find lasting freedom.

10ThousandWindows is a global organization working to defeat modern slavery and human trafficking. Working hand-in-hand with our community of survivors and supporters, we restore victims' lives and create real freedom through sustainable jobs.

Restore & empower

We restore and empower survivors through holistic psychosocial care, walking with each individual until they are resilient, confident, and hopeful.

Educate & train

We help each survivor develop the core skills and experience they need to successfully secure real, sustainable jobs and live free of exploitation.

Employ & set free

We help victims of trafficking and exploitation forge lasting freedom for themselves, their children, and generations to come, by helping them secure real, sustainable jobs.


Vulnerability drives slavery, trafficking and exploitation.

What makes an individual vulnerable and what can we do to ensure survivors find lasting freedom? Learn more and hear first-hand accounts from the survivors 10ThousandWindows serves.

Give survivors lasting freedom today and every day. Help a survivor of slavery get a real, sustainable job.